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School Consultation Plan

If your child is experiencing social or behavioral difficulties at school, then the most effective treatment is one that is given in or carried over to the school environment. The techniques are designed to be complementary with those that are used in the social skills groups or individual therapy. This way, your child will not get "mixed messages" between school, home, and his or her work with us.

What is a School Consultation?

All school consultation plans include the following components::

  • Parent interview regarding school difficulties and treatment goals you would like addressed by the school consultation plan.
  • An observation at the school, during your child's most problematic time period and a transition either into or out of this period (e.g., recess, circle time, seated work time, etc.).
  • An interview with the teacher, in order to understand the teacher's concerns for your child and strategies tried already to remediate any difficulties. This is also an opportunity for the therapist to collaborate with the teacher about what types of accommodations might be possible in your child's particular school setting.
  • A report reviewing relevant aspects of the intake appointment, the observation, teacher interview, and a comprehensive list of recommendations.
  • A team meeting, scheduled at the mutual convenience of all parties, to review the report and the recommendations. The goal of this meeting is to determine which recommendations make sense to the teacher and parents and how best to individualize them for both the child and the particular school setting. Each classroom environment and child are unique, requiring great care in the implementation of any new program.


  • Child age: 2-12 years old
  • A parent is willing to coordinate the final school plan
  • Intake is required


Due to the intensity of the school consultation plan and to ensure a fast turn-around time for parents, a limited number are done each month. Please call for availability and to schedule an intake appointment.

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