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Biography of Derek Locklear

The Mission of Coach Derek is to inspire every child, who wants to learn sports and the healthy habits of exercise. Using a variety of services, including: multi-sports classes, training clinics, afterschool programs, physical education programs and birthday parties, we seek to create positive experiences for as many children as possible.

Coach Derek teaches year round multiple sports classes and coach sports teams for boys and girls ages 2-14.

Coach Derekís Philosophy...

There is more to playing sports than just winning the game. Itís about learning life lessons like good sportsmanship, confidence and teamwork. Your child will have fun while developing sports skills, overall strength, coordination, teamwork and self-respect, in a positive and non-competitive environment.

The Coach Derek Inc. Coaches and Staff Members all subscribe to the belief that teaching the fundamentals of each sport enriches children at all levels, ages and skills. These are things that last beyond the end of the game - and linking these experiences on the field to bigger life lessons is a great opportunity to set the stage for how your child relates to athletics throughout their life. Why not make it positive?

What started 20 years ago with 5 kids has turned into a beautiful staff of 20 that serves over 1,000 children a week and has served now well over 20,000.

Coach Derek also created Letís Give Them A Shot!, a non-profit organization that helps kids get the sports instruction they need regardless of whether or not they can afford it. Coach Derekís goal is to teach and reach as many children as he can through sports.

If you have a child and that child wants to play sports then Coach Derek wants to be his or her first coach!

Coach Derek is based in Playa Vista, CA and has programs throughout the Los Angeles area including Santa Monica, Manhattan Beach & El Segundo.

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