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Friendship Island: A Social Skills Summer Camp

Rich and Associates offers a Social Skills Summer Camp for children starting at age 5 through the end of middle school who will be grouped by age and working with experienced therapists at a 3:1, camper:counselor ratio. Each week is a different set of activities!

What is Social Skills Camp?

This will be a social skills "boot camp" that is more intensive than our weekly groups. It is perfect for our current clients or for those who are just interested in the camp experience. The camp is appropriate for all children who are having a hard time making or keeping friends. Utilizing evidence-based strategies such as role plays, in vivo coaching, and positive behavior systems, our fun-filled curriculum will especially target:

  • Joining in to groups of children at play or in conversation
  • Dealing with teasing and other conflict negotiation skills
  • Social communication skills--both verbal and nonverbal
  • Reading social cues--including perspective-taking
  • Emotion regulation
  • Mindfulness
  • Organization, collaboration, and problem-solving

Campers are given a special power based on their specific social skills goal for each week (Regulator, Equalizer, Negotiator, or Perceiver) to help them on their journey to Friendship Island at the end of the week. Each child has three individualized social skills goals that are tracked daily and reviewed during an individual meeting with his/her/their counselor. Additionally, children are given gold coins for progress on both individual goals and group goals. These coins are spent for extra privileges, materials, and advantages in games and activities during the week, plus for prizes and snacks at our Friendship Island party at the end of the week. In this way, we aid children in understanding their social goals, motivating them to make progress, and knowing how to help themselves in these areas. Plus, it's fun! Every year, we get feedback that Friendship Island was the favorite camp of the summer.

Activities include:

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Mindfulness Meditation/Yoga
  • Large Scale Building Projects
  • Game Playing- large and small group (obstacle courses, water play)
  • Teamwork Exercises and Role-Plays
  • Customized Sports Coaching
  • Party on Friendship Island at the end of each week with special activities and snacks!


  • Cost is $950/week--full nonrefundable payment required to reserve a spot. Lunch and snack are not included.
  • Early bird discount: Enroll by April 1st to receive $100 off each week for two weeks ($200 total savings) or $150 each week for three weeks ($450 total savings).
  • Reimbursement available through your PPO insurance. Typical coverage is 50%.

Schedule and Location

  • 2023: June 19-23, June 26-30, and July 10-14
  • Monday through Friday 8:45am-2pm, brown bag snack and lunch.
  • Location: 11000 National Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064

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